Monkey slippers

Monkey Slippers

Kathy (my mother-in law) and Dave acompanied me today to the chemo session. In preparation for my first treatment, I did research beforehand in books, blogs and websites about what to expect in terms of the chemo itself and side effects.

The nurses at Johns Hopkins (JH) are amazing and make everything much easier. In fact, the treatment was not as tiresome and uncomfortable as I was expecting, so far so good…. I feel great today.

When we came back from JH, I had a nice surprise. A dear friend, her husband and beautiful daugther sent to me a “recovery kit”. This weekend I am relaxing and enjoying the kit that includes a pair of monkey slippers socks since my friend’s daughter likes comfy socks and monkeys, so this is the perfect combination. I love them!

A thoughtful recovery kit!. Thank you Jill

I am very fortunate. I am grateful for having incredible friends and family that inspire me to stay strong and positive all the time.

Thank you for your prayers 🙂

9 thoughts on “Monkey slippers

  1. Bea
    You are in our thoughts and prayers as you take a step toward healing. Your positive attitude and faith are truly amazing. So glad Kathy is with you. She us a great caretaker.
    Jan and roger


  2. Te mandamos un fuerte abrazo toda la familia. Esperamos que te sientas bien. Canta!!!! seguramente será bálsamo en estos momentos.
    Beatriz Alessio


  3. Bea,

    So glad to hear you got through your first treatment so well.
    So glad Kathy was there with you and Dave. I know firsthand how reassuring she can be.
    Hang in there!

    Susan Bandy


  4. Querida Betty, que bueno que te sientes bien amiga. Estoy pensando en ti. espero que descanses mucho este fin. Muchos besos


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