The Last Chemo – the Hope

On June 11 I had my last round of ABVD chemotherapy. I was very lucky since Dave and his parents accompanied me during chemo (number twelve to be precise). And as usual I took all the medicines I need to have before, during and after the treatment to make sure I don’t have the common side effects (nausea, tiredness, insomnia). This time I didn’t wait too long in the hospital to get the treatment and I was happy since Lynne –who has taken amazing care of me during the treatment at Johns Hopkins – was in charge of my last treatment.

By the way, I was in the same room where I had the first treatment in January; it was a nice closure.

Back in January when I started the treatment, six months looked like forever, like a high, rocky and scary mountain that I had to climb. I am glad this is over.

Right now I have to be patient and wait until I have the PET scan on July 2, 2012. There are many questions I want to ask to my doctors. I feel anxious to learn the results once the scan is done; there is fear about the unknown, there are nights that I have trouble sleeping, but most importantly there is hope that the cancer is gone, that the bad cells on my body are gone and not coming back.

Thank you for the prayers, the support, the love, and the good energy which have kept and (continuously) keep me strong!!.