The Last Chemo – the Hope

On June 11 I had my last round of ABVD chemotherapy. I was very lucky since Dave and his parents accompanied me during chemo (number twelve to be precise). And as usual I took all the medicines I need to have before, during and after the treatment to make sure I don’t have the common side effects (nausea, tiredness, insomnia). This time I didn’t wait too long in the hospital to get the treatment and I was happy since Lynne –who has taken amazing care of me during the treatment at Johns Hopkins – was in charge of my last treatment.

By the way, I was in the same room where I had the first treatment in January; it was a nice closure.

Back in January when I started the treatment, six months looked like forever, like a high, rocky and scary mountain that I had to climb. I am glad this is over.

Right now I have to be patient and wait until I have the PET scan on July 2, 2012. There are many questions I want to ask to my doctors. I feel anxious to learn the results once the scan is done; there is fear about the unknown, there are nights that I have trouble sleeping, but most importantly there is hope that the cancer is gone, that the bad cells on my body are gone and not coming back.

Thank you for the prayers, the support, the love, and the good energy which have kept and (continuously) keep me strong!!.

26 thoughts on “The Last Chemo – the Hope

  1. Beatriz- I had no idea you were going through all of this. (I am rarely on facebook) My thoughts and prayers are with you. We only knew each other for a short time but I remember how your smile lights up the room with your joy and your love for people. You are a blessing to so many.



  2. You are so strong Bea. We have been thinking of you all this week at the beach and looking forward to next year when we can come up here together! We have faith in your recovery and your strong sense of determination and optimism. Love and huge – Jo, Mike, and George


    • Thank you Jo so much for keeping me in your thoughts. Yes we need to plan a peaceful weekend at the beach. We had such a great time when we went there. And thank you for the encouragement. Give a big hug to your boys. 🙂


  3. Querida Betty- estoy pensando en ti Amiga. I expect and hope for the best for you on 2 July. You are strOng and amazing! Sending you lots of hugs and kisses . Xxoo


  4. Queridísima Bety
    Felicidades por esta batalla de seis meses donde demostraste un gran valor! Estás triunfando y el dia 2 tendremos ya el resultado que esperamos! Estamos contigo y te encomendamos mucho a Dios, tu Padre que no se ha apartado de ti ni un instante.
    Un abrazo con todo cariño!
    Cecilia y Felix


    • Muchas gracias queridos Ceci y Felix. Y estoy de acuerdo, Dios ha estado en todo momento a mi lado para darme fuerza y echarme porras.
      Les mando una abrazo.


  5. Querida Betty!!
    seguramente el 2 de julio sabremos que todo esta perfecto, que tu cuerpo ha quedado limpio y que todo quedará en el pasado. seguimos pidiendo que asi sea, tenemos mucha fe. te admiramos por tu fortaleza y actitud a este proceso. te queremos


    • Hola Adriana y Gerardo,
      Muchas gracias por el mensajito. SI yo tambien eso espero que el scan diga que ya estoy libre de cancer!!!! y como dicen, mucha fe y mucha fuerza.
      Les mando un abrazo.


  6. Bea – it’s because of your strength that you draw from us. We all wish you the best results and know that good news is on the way! Our prayers continue daily! Suzanne


  7. Mi Betuna adorada, estoy segura de que lograste vencer la enfermedad, en espera de las noticias del PET, te quiero


  8. Bety:
    Seguiremos cantando tu vida. Me da gusto que yas terminado tus sesiones de quimio. Estaremos pendientesde tu PET.
    Un beso


  9. Bety estoy segura que saldrás muy bien! Tu fortaleza, y tus ganas de salir adelante aunadas a la Fé son la fuerza que vencerán esta enfermedad. Te queremos mucho y seguimos rezando, te acompañaremos siempre! Te mando un gran abrazo con todo cariño!! Tu mami.


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