Optimum Health

In order to get better when we are sick, we have a mandate: to listen to our bodies carefully. The body heals when we listen, nurture, take care and love our body. Healing from cancer is a team effort and I have learned to work in conjunction with doctors and nurses to listen better how my body responds to the medicines and how I feel each day. The difficult part of listening to your body is to allowing yourself to rest without feeling “lazy” or “unproductive”.

Who would imagine that having cancer allows me to love my body like never before. An optimum health is not only accomplished by the amount of medicines or visits to the doctor but also by the amount of love and care we dedicate to ourselves and those who are around us.  

I want to share with you a positive phrase to repeat constantly. The thought is from Louise Hay.
By the way for those that have an iPad, I drew the picture above with an amazing app called Bamboo, super fun!.

One thought on “Optimum Health

  1. That is so true, Bea! I’m so glad you have such a positive attitude because that does wonders as well. I’m going to check out Louise Hays as I have not been feeling positive lately.


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