Team in Training!

Many years ago I started running and I ran several 5 and 10 k races but nothing more. Running a half marathon or a full marathon was beyond my dreams and honestly I never thought one day I will decide to run 42 km (26.1 miles)
Encouraged by my friend Evelyn, I started training to run a full marathon. After several months of training and hard work in October 2010, Evelyn and I completed the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. One of the best experiences in my life.

What I learned about training for a Marathon that is applicable to any situation is:

  • Be consistent in your training
  • Prepare your mind for success
  • Be ready for not-so-good days
  • Give yourself a break
  • Learn from those that have gone through a similar path
  • If possible train with a team
  • Enjoy the journey and love the race

Speaking about teams, the last two Saturdays I have run with my dear friend Kelli who joined Team in Training (TNT). TNT is a training program created by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Through the program LLS trains thousands of people for run a half or full marathon.

Kelli is training to run her first half marathon this summer. She is running on my honor and in loving memory of Harry Lebowitz. While training, Kelli is raising funds for the lymphoma and leukemia research. To make a donation, please go to

Thank you Kelli for joining Team in Training. Can’t wait for the run on Saturday!

PS. Last Friday I had my fourth chemo, I am doing well. I am more tired and I have experienced nausea. But oh well….  I am prepared for not-so-good days :).
Thank you for your prayers and good vibes that keep me energized and strong.

FInish line 26.1 miles = 42 km

13 thoughts on “Team in Training!

  1. Hay mi Betty, que maravilla y que suerte que Dios te puso en mi camino. Dios te bendiga. Ese ser diafano que tu eres y esa energia maravillosa no traera mas que cosas positivas. Saludos de Edwin y abrazo fuerte a David.


  2. Amiga! Me encanto lo que escribiste, me hiciste llorar, muchos sentimientos. Pero sobre todo orgullo de tener una amiga como tu! Te adoro! Y efectivamente estoy de acuerdo contigo, la vida es como correr.


  3. Bea – You are my inspiration to completing my first half marathon. It is an honor to run in your name, and I’m learning from you how to prepare myself mentally and physically. I thought helping raise awareness and funds to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and training for a half marathon would be nothing compared to what you’re going through. Your postivie spirit is truly contagious and admired by all. I have learned first hand from you that a positive attitude and being prepared will get me through this.
    Thank you so much for joining me the last couple Saturdays. You are truly amazing, and have the best attitude! Can’t wait to see you this Saturday and hopefully I’ll continue to keep up with you! Love you, Bea!
    Besos, Kelli


  4. Son los not so good days los que hace que valga la pena nuestros esfuerzos y sacrificios Betty! De todos modos, tienes a un gran team, inclyéndome, que te queremos y te apoyamos!!


    PS: Gracias por la felicitación!!!!


  5. Your positive thinking will bring you positive results. Your inspirations to others is a wonderful gift and continues to amaze me. Love and Hugs to you and David on this journey. Suzanne


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