It is not “Enchiladas”

Many of you are familiar with the saying “No son Enchiladas” (It is not Enchiladas) a common phrase used in Mexico when talking about something not easy to do. The similar phrase in English is “It’s no piece of cake!

Dealing and living with cancer is not easy. I know now that very tough times are ahead and quite frankly I am a bit scared this time. Last year when I was dealing with the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis and treatment, I felt very confident. The prognosis of the disease itself was quite encouraging and the fact that young patients were going through the same thing and succeeding made me feel I was not the only ugly duck, and that I had a chance.

This time is different…

I was declared in remission in July this year, but honestly I didn’t feel “cured”. I tried to believe that I was in remission and “cured” but I had an inexplicable feeling that something was not right. At the beginning, I tried to focus my mind in positive things and get my negative thoughts out of my head, but that didn’t work.

When I was told the Hodgkin’s was back and not only back but his friend Non-Hodgkins accompanied him, I was not surprised. I was just sad, very sad. The feeling was different, I felt different.

Since my lymphoma is rare and special, I am going to NIH for a second opinion and consultation. There are few cases of Grey Zone Lymphoma in the US and NIH has successfully treated several of those. I am looking forward to the appointment tomorrow.

By the way, if you were thinking about Enchiladas for Breakfast or Brunch, try Paula Dean’s “Crustless Spinach Quiche” instead. I tried this easy-to-make recipe last Saturday and I love it!!! . This is the link:

Even though cancer is not an Enchilada, I will stick to the belief that I can and will beat this thing successfully.

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. I am grateful for the love of friends and family. John Lennon once wrote: “All we need is love”…. I agree.

21 thoughts on “It is not “Enchiladas”

  1. Bea, Grandma Janet’s church is praying for you and a miracle. You are in our every thought and breathe. May God wrap strong arm’s around you to keep you going through each and every test.


  2. I would love to come visit you one day soon, if you’d be up for it – Philly is not so far away! Also, I just signed on to be a mentor for Team in Training Philadelphia for the summer to continue to keep LLS on the front of my mind in support of your battle. You are in my thoughts, friend. xoxo


    • Theresa,
      I am so so happy to read that you are going to be a mentor for TNT, wow!!! Yes, I would love to see you, please come and visit us, we are not so far away and Annapolis is so beautiful.


  3. Si Bety, no son enchiladas 😦 …pero tu puedes… y saldrás con bien de todo esto… 🙂
    Ánimo…te mando besos y un gran abrazo con mucho cariño 😉
    Margarita, desde Xalapa.


  4. Amigaaaaa…!!!…yo digo que nos hace falta un cafecito virtual para hablar de lo NO tan bueno…creo que se vale!!! para aceptar que no es fácil…y sobre todo…aceptar que también hay siempre LUZ…la que nos transmites y la que por gratitud, consecuencia y complicidad te llega del cielo !!! ya te toca amigaaaa…viene lo mejor!!! TQ!!


  5. Quiero darte un abrazo, querrida amiga! You will beat this cancer…NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! Please know that your friends and family have you in their thoughts and prayers and We Love You, Bea!!!


  6. Corazón, eres una guerrera! Puedes con estas enchiladas y las que te pongan en frente. Hasta de habanero si quieres! I DO have a good feeling about it y verás que muy pronto volverás a oir la palabra mágica de “remission” y ahora sí sentirás el cambio. Te mando muchos besos, amor y bendiciones. ANIMO que aquí estoy yo y todos los que te queremos para levantarte en lo que tu recobras tus fuerzas.


  7. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers, Bea. The NIH success in treatment is encouraging.

    I will give the quiche a try …once I have the fire extinguishers & fire department ready for me to attempt the recipe. 🙂

    Un abrazo,


  8. El Buen Pastor cuida de sus ovejas. Deja que El te lleve en sus brazos y te dé su protección. Eres de El! No estás sola en esto!
    Un saludo con todo nuestro cariño,
    Cecilia y Felix


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