2014: I am free

This year is bringing good and positive things. In the second week of January I went to NIH for my follow up scans and studies. It was a relief to hear that my scans were clear, I am in remission, and cancer free!!!.

For the first time in the last three years I am free, free of the constant thought of cancer, free of being afraid, free of sadness, and free of pain.

2013 started rough but it was a great year full of wonderful events such as the arrival of baby Isabella, my beautiful and happy niece (I can’t wait to see her again soon); the weddings of my cousin Geny and my dear friend Lu, my remission, our new home (topic that deserves it’s own post LOL!), seeing my parents more often, spending time with friends and family. Also 2013 highlighted the fact my health is back, I am running again, and Dave and I celebrated our second anniversary as a married couple (I love you Dave!)

May God bless you with a healthy and positive year!!!

In December 2013, Dave took the photo below at the historic San Juan de Ulua Castle located in the city of Veracruz in Veracruz, Mexico. Mexico is indeed a magic place.

11 thoughts on “2014: I am free

  1. We are so happy all your tests were good! You’ve been so courageous and inspirational throughout your journey. You deserve healthy and happy times.

    Thanks for the nice note you sent my Mom. She was thrilled with your good news. It was thoughtful of you to write her. Thank you!

    Brian is working in Cambridge, MD, handling frozen pipe claims. He’s currently working 100 weeks. Hopefully that will ease up before long. When he gets a day off I’m sure he’d love to see you both.

    Please say hi to Dave! Take care!

    PS It was great to see you Christmas. Thanks for my golf socks, I look forward to wearing them. Love, Mary Lee Sent from my iPhone



  2. Yayeeee! Que buena noticia! Estoy tan Feliz por ti, Amiga. I hope the rest of 2014 brings you health and every happiness. You are amazing :). Xxxx


  3. Queridisima Betty Estamos felices de saber la tan buena noticia de tu total curación. Te felicitamos y te expresamos nuestra admiración por el valor con el que enfrentaste los tiempos difíciles. Te mereces el éxito obtenido.

    Damos gracias a Dios y te acompañamos en tan feliz momento.

    Tus abues , que tanto te quieren


  4. Wonerful news! I am so happy to hear this, I am smiling right now with joy. I hope to see you two in 2014 as well. Lots of love, my dear friend!


  5. So VERY HAPPY to hear this positive report!!! You have been and continue to be strong and an inspiration to so many!
    And, happy that we were able to spend some time together this past Christmas Holiday!
    Love to you and David!!!!! Tony & Suzanne


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