In Sickness and in Health – I love you

Our beautiful ceremony in   Aug 13, 2011
Our beautiful ceremony in Aug 13, 2011

Three years ago after a crazy and unexpected storm Dave and I promised each other love and respect in a beautiful ceremony with family and friends as witnesses.

Today is our wedding anniversary and to celebrate our life together, I want to write an open letter and dedicate this post to my husband, my best friend, and the love of my life: Dave.

Since we met in 2008, Dave and I discovered multiple things in common and the fact that we are very much alike. We came to the conclusion we lived in a parallel universe since we experienced similar situations he in the U.S and me in Mexico.

I am grateful we found each other, that we support each other and that despite trying times we always find time to laugh and smile.

Dave is an incredible person, a kind and devoted husband who is patient with me and always makes me smile and laugh. I admire his commitment to serve his country, his commitment to us, his strength.

These last years haven’t been easy and not exactly the way we pictured them; yet, during this time we have grown and confirmed that nothing is more important than to love and to cherish each other in sickness and in health.

Definitely I am lucky, lucky to have Dave in my life and have the opportunity to build and share a life together.

To you my love, to us, for many years to celebrate and give thanks. 

Happy anniversary!!! I love you Dave with all my heart.


Our religious ceremony in  Oct 2011 in Mexico City
Our religious ceremony Oct 2011 in Mexico City

12 thoughts on “In Sickness and in Health – I love you

  1. We wish you the best in your Third Anniversary. Your wedding day has been one of the most beautiful days for our family Maass Iturbide. We were blessed with a new son and that our beloved daughter Betty would share her life with you dear Dave. In these 3 years we have seen how you have made a wonderful family and how much you love each other. May God give you all His Blessings forever and Happiness to be always at your Home!


  2. Felicidades Bea y Dave!!! Wishing you many, many more years of health, love, peace and happiness. You two are such a beautiful couple and I wish you nothing but the best. Que dios les bendiga. – kelli


  3. Betty,
    Te deseo que estos tres primeros años sean solamente el principio de un hermoso matrimonio de felicidad y amor. ¡Felicidades!


  4. Happy anniversary to a very special couple! You two have been through more in 3 years than many couples have in 30.
    May you be blessed for 30 + more years!
    Roger and Jan


  5. Bety! Qué lindas fotos! Felicidades!
    Que Dios les conceda vivir juntos largó tiempo !
    Un abrazo con mucho carińo
    Cecilia y Felix


  6. You are so beautiful inside and out and the love you have shared these three years is strong. In a day when commitment is not what it used to be it is wonderful to hear that you are still “in love.” On this special day, we wish you many more fun years and memories!!! Love to you both and Happy 3rd Anniversary
    Tony and Suzanne


  7. Dear Bea and David, Happy Anniversary! What beautiful thoughts on your third anniversary-we wish you all the best. Love, Och and Sue


  8. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for loving our son and for the opportunity to love you as a daughter. Happy Anniversary my children!


  9. Muchas felicidades Dave y Betty. Son una pareja increible y admirable. Les deseamos muchos años de felicidad y éxitos. Que juntos lleguen a donde se propongan. Los queremos mucho, Dafne y Jorge


  10. Betty; tu eres un ejemplo para todos. No tienes una idea de lo mucho que me inspira verte (aunque sea sólo virtualmente) luchar contra las circunstancias. Realmente eres mi heroína. Te quiero mucho y espero que podamos vernos pronto, aquí en México o allá 🙂 te mandó un abrazo enorme.
    Felicidades !!!


  11. ¡Felicidades para los dos! en este tercer aniversario ¡Son una pareja Genial! Les deseamos que sigan logrando sus anhelos e ilusiones juntos.
    Los QM:
    Adriana y Gerardo


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