Grateful and in Remission!

Enjoying a beautiful day @ Chesapeake Bay
Enjoying a beautiful day @ Chesapeake Bay

After 10 days of anxiously waiting for my scan results, my oncologist said the word we were praying to hear “Remission”.

We are grateful, happy, and excited to leave in the past these very challenging three years and a half. It was a long and difficult road that taught us the importance of having a support network of friends and family, the critical role of healthy eating and exercise to heal the body and to keep it strong. We witnessed and experienced the power of prayers, hope, and faith. And certainly we are blessed with the gifts of life and love.

I am no longer the same person and now I am on a mission to create a better version of myself.  I know and believe I have a grater and bigger purpose in life to accomplish.

Certainly, life is about the moments and relationships we create, it is about enjoying the time with family and friends, it is about overcoming difficulties and leaving the past behind. Life is about seeking balance, practicing kindness, being grateful, and pursuing a better version of yourself.

Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, for giving me strength and hope when I needed it the most. May this experience serve as a reminder that life is a precious gift.

Thank you for reading and may God bless us all.



13 thoughts on “Grateful and in Remission!

  1. Queridisima Betty

    Todos los días nos acordamos de la buena noticia y de ustedes. Nada menos que una nueva vida.
    Aunque estemos lejos te tenemos cerca. La nieta que nos hizo abuelos.

    Una gran abrazo para ti y tu muy querido esposo.

    Eduardo y Lourdes

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  2. God have blessed you with the miracle of your remission and have blessed us, all the people that love you, with your impressive journey to recover your health. You and Dave have taught us to never give up, to keep fighting with faith, with hope, and to love life.

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  3. Muchas felicidades Betina! Toda una guerrera y un bien merecido final para tu épica batalla! Un fuerte abrazo desde el desierto de Arizona. Espero verte muy pronto para celebrar esta maravillosa noticia!

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  4. Nuestra querida Betty:
    La alegría y satisfacción de la gran noticia que hemos recibido de tu remisión la compartimos plenamente contigo, David, toda la familia y amigos que te queremos. El 12 de Marzo es y será una fecha muy especial también para nosotros.

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  5. The words that you say are right on point. We take too many things for granted in our busy lives……this passage should help us all realize how much we should live each day, be grateful and kind. You are a wonderful example of strength and determination. Thank you!!! And, love to you both!

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