Love is Present: Open for Business!

Box_MusicI am excited to share with you that after many months of hard work, multiple conversations, test ideas and lots of learning,  I have officially launched Love is Present.

Love is Present is an online platform to send thoughtful and practical gifts in a box. The gift boxes aim to provide encouragement to others during difficult times and to help celebrate happy moments in life. The business was built with the idea to help answer questions many of us face when wanting to communicate to others: what do I say? what should I send? where can I find something unique for my friend/family member?

Many of you know that I am passionate about helping others to become a better version of themselves and I believe feeling loved and supported despite distance has a strong and positive impact in the way we celebrate accomplishments and overcome difficulties.

Love is Present is a startup, a small business that has the goal of making this world a better place through the products we include, the organizations we support, the communities we serve, and the encouragement we provide.

I am grateful to the incredible advice, support, and feedback I have received to get the startup to this point.

I am looking forward to continuing learning.

Happy Gifting,




8 thoughts on “Love is Present: Open for Business!

  1. Queridísima Betty Te felicito de corazón por tu nuevo e interesantísimo proyecto LOVE IS PRESENT. El nombre me parece excelente: dice mucho. Como te podrás imaginar y debido a tanto tiempo que llevamos en el planeta, tenemos muchísimos contactos de familiares y amigos; los nacimientos, las bodas, los cumpleaños, etc. se nos presentan con mucha frecuencia y, por lo tanto, la oportunidad de hacer algún regalo. Por lo pronto, tenemos dentro de un mes la boda de Paulina, hija de Jorge Maass Moreno. Aunque estamos en otro país, me gustaría conocer los detalles de funcionamiento de el interesante proyecto que has puesto en marcha. Una vez más de expreso nuestro placer y admiración por tu salud y energía Saludos a Dave Tus arbolitos Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 14:08:49 +0000 To:

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    • Gracias arbolito! Por tan lindo mensaje! Si tienes toda la razon tantos lindos eventos y oportunidades mas para celebrar. Los quiero mucho!


  2. Bea, loved reading about your new venture! Know you’ll have some good responses. Stay in touch, ok? Love you, Grandma

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  3. Great initiative ……So….when are we having that coffee!? Just kidding maybe you just don’t have time right now. Love Cristina Maass (Senior)

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