Relax. Drink Tea

Today I have two follow up appointments, a PET and a CT scan to find out how I am doing.

The first nurse had a hard time accessing my Power Port but luckily another nurse was able to access this device that has been under my skin for a year now. The nurse drew 9 tubes of my precious blood. If I was a vampire I will be so excited; but I am nervous.

In the last weeks I have been drinking tea all mornings and I love it. Right now I cannot drink or eat anything before my scans, so on my behalf please drink a cup of tea and relax.

I have the same nervousness when preparing for an exam. I want to hear that the lymphoma is gone and I will graduate with an A+ to join the list of Grey Zone Lymphoma amazing survivors today!

I will keep you posted and thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

God bless you!