A Happy New Year

Jose, Bea & Tere.

After spending a wonderful Christmas in Illinois with family, my parents arrived on
December 26 to spend some time with us and welcome the New Year together. We had a great time in the Baltimore-DC area. It was the first time that my mom visit DC and she loved the city and its amazing monuments.

Thank you mom and dad for spending time with us and celebrating a new year. Thank you also to the Sullivan family for the wonderful New Years’ celebration, we love you guys!

The 2012 started full of blessings.

Tere & Jose at Baltimore, MD
Tere & Jose at Lincoln Memorial
Me infront of the White House. I had a little accident on my thumb, but you can see that I am doing great!

7 thoughts on “A Happy New Year

  1. Que bueno que pudieron estar juntos en el año nuevo! Deseamos que todo este bien, mucho animo, lo mejor para este 2012 !! lindas fotos.


  2. Happy new year Betty! Great photos. I’m so glad your parents could visit you. Muchos abrazos y mucho cariño amiga,


  3. Prima me da muchisisisismo gusto que mis tios hayan ido para alla en año nuevo!!! Sabes que te aprecio bastante!! y estoy segura que este 2012 estarà lleno de muchas cosas positivas para ti y Dave!! De corazòn te mando un fuerte abrazo deseandote mucha Salud , Amor y Bienestar!! tqm tu prima Geny!:)


  4. Bea,

    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. I wish you and David many blessings and joyful moments in 2012.
    Love, Susan


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