The Fight

A great view of the aqueduct in Segovia, Spain during our honeymoon.

In our lives we face different challenges; some of those challenges mean that we have to fight. The fight is present at work, at home, or with ourselves.  Most of the time, we have the opportunity of choosing the fight; yet, some fights are unexpected defying our will power, our beliefs, and our entire being. Although I didn’t choose this fight, I have chosen to beat cancer. I know that I cannot give up and I am aware that some days I will be stronger than others, but I have to keep fighting with all the resources and tools I have been blessed with. 

In recent days, I joined a facebook group called the Lymphoma and Hodgkin’s Survivors and Awareness Club. Ann, a survivor wrote the following paragraph about fighting and never giving up:

“We decide the first day of our cancer diagnosis whether we are going to be a victim or a survivor. We decide to muster up all are strength to fight and win. We decide to stay positive and not let cancer define us completely. We decide how we are going to handle each day that we are fighting cancer. Yes, there are bad days and good days, but your attitude determines your every day. Hold on to your hopes, dreams, faith, support system and your determination to win because in the fight against cancer we cannot give up”

Tomorrow Friday I have my second chemo and I am ready for it, I feel strong and I have been feeling well in the last weeks.

I am a very lucky girl for having my incredible husband David on my side. Dave makes this fight a fun adventure. I love you, mi amor!

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts!!!

22 thoughts on “The Fight

  1. Amiga hoy mas que nunca te aprecio, y me enorgullece ser tu amiga, se que tienes una familia divina y que tienes al amor de tu vida a tu lado 🙂 y eso no tiene precio. Se que eres una guerrera y que ganaras amiga animo y yo desde AQUI te mando mis rezos, abrazos, besos y como siempre mejores deseos. Te quiero animo Valiente


    • Mi querida amiga, muchas gracias por tus palabras y si gracias a Dios tengo a Dave, mis amigos y familia asi que todo pinta bien.
      Te mando muchos abrazos amiga, espero podamos platicar pronto.
      Abrazos para tus hombres 😉


  2. Mi querida Bety
    Sigues en nuestras oraciones diarias en la capilla de Bezares. Y gracias por el gran ejemplo de fotaleza y valentía que nos das!
    Que Dios te bendiga!
    Un abrazo,


  3. may you continue to heal, learn, grow, sing, play and love through this journey, let it be a rite of passage into your higher self and potential dear sister.


  4. Estoy pensando en ti Betina. Se que tienes a Dave, acompanandote en persona, pero desde australia, te mando muchos besos y amor para este viernes.


  5. Querida Betty:
    Que todo salga bién, nuestras oraciones y pensamientos estan con Uds y como tu dices: es una lucha en que saldrás victoriosa por contar con esa gran actitud positiva para afrontar retos y vicisitudes .


  6. Hola Bea – Suerte manana y se que te sientas bien. Sigas con las vibras tan positivas y nosotros tambien. Eres una luchona y no lo olvides, bella!


  7. Bea you have the attitude of that survivor you mentioned above. I feel strongly that you and David will make it through this challenge! Prayers and Love your way as you face your tomorrow ~~~ Suzanne


  8. Bea,

    I will be praying for you tomorrow.
    You are blessed with wonderful family and friends.
    You are not alone.

    With love,


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