Day 32 Post Transplant

I didn't lose my eyebrows. LOL!
I didn’t lose my eyebrows. LOL!

Today is day 32 post transplant!!! I am tired but feeling better. This is the first time I have a day off and I don’t have to go to the hospital!!!

After the transplant I was feeling well, just tired. However, days later I started struggling with constant nausea and headaches that I have never experienced before; it was rough. Also I lost my hair on day 13.

During this 30 + days I go to the hospital 7 days a week to check my levels and to make sure that I am doing ok. I have to wear a mask most of the time to avoid bacteria and infection. So far I have received a round of platelets and two blood transfusions.

Two days ago I was allowed to go to a public space and we went to the groceries (wearing my mask), It was interesting to see the reaction of other shoppers when they saw me. 🙂

The Mask
This the mask I have to wear.

I want to take the opportunity to thank my husband Dave, my in-laws and Marsha who have served as caregivers and have been patient with me particularly when I don’t feel great. Thank you to my parents, sisters, family, friends, and colleagues that are praying and always ready to help.

Thank you very much for the lovely cards, flowers, gifts, and thoughtful posts on my blog and Facebook which always make me smile. I am grateful for the encouragement and love.

Regarding Music:  Many of you know that my talented sister Cris is on the show “La Voz” (The Voice) in Mexico. She passed the blind auditions, became a member of #TeamYuri and will be in the battles this Sunday. For my friends in Mexico tune in this Sunday at 8:00 pm. Thank you for supporting my sister.

Con todo Cris!!!
Con todo Cris!

Love, – B

The Fight

A great view of the aqueduct in Segovia, Spain during our honeymoon.

In our lives we face different challenges; some of those challenges mean that we have to fight. The fight is present at work, at home, or with ourselves.  Most of the time, we have the opportunity of choosing the fight; yet, some fights are unexpected defying our will power, our beliefs, and our entire being. Although I didn’t choose this fight, I have chosen to beat cancer. I know that I cannot give up and I am aware that some days I will be stronger than others, but I have to keep fighting with all the resources and tools I have been blessed with. 

In recent days, I joined a facebook group called the Lymphoma and Hodgkin’s Survivors and Awareness Club. Ann, a survivor wrote the following paragraph about fighting and never giving up:

“We decide the first day of our cancer diagnosis whether we are going to be a victim or a survivor. We decide to muster up all are strength to fight and win. We decide to stay positive and not let cancer define us completely. We decide how we are going to handle each day that we are fighting cancer. Yes, there are bad days and good days, but your attitude determines your every day. Hold on to your hopes, dreams, faith, support system and your determination to win because in the fight against cancer we cannot give up”

Tomorrow Friday I have my second chemo and I am ready for it, I feel strong and I have been feeling well in the last weeks.

I am a very lucky girl for having my incredible husband David on my side. Dave makes this fight a fun adventure. I love you, mi amor!

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts!!!