Day 32 Post Transplant

I didn't lose my eyebrows. LOL!
I didn’t lose my eyebrows. LOL!

Today is day 32 post transplant!!! I am tired but feeling better. This is the first time I have聽a day off and I don’t have to go to the hospital!!!

After the transplant I was feeling well, just tired. However, days later I started struggling with constant nausea and headaches that I have never experienced before; it was rough. Also I lost my hair on day 13.

During this 30 + days I go to the hospital 7 days a week聽to check my levels and to make sure that I am doing ok. I have to wear a mask most of the time to avoid bacteria and infection. So far I have received a round of platelets and two blood transfusions.

Two days ago I was allowed to go to a public space and we went to the groceries (wearing my mask), It was interesting to see the reaction of other shoppers when they saw me. 馃檪

The Mask
This the mask I have to wear.

I want to take the opportunity to thank my husband Dave, my in-laws and Marsha who have served聽as caregivers and have been patient with me聽particularly聽when I don’t feel great. Thank聽you to my parents, sisters, family, friends, and colleagues that are praying and always ready to help.

Thank you very much for the lovely cards, flowers, gifts, and thoughtful posts on my blog and Facebook which always make me smile. I am grateful for the encouragement and love.

Regarding Music:聽聽Many of you know that my talented sister Cris is on the show “La Voz” (The Voice) in Mexico. She passed the blind auditions, became a member of #TeamYuri聽and will be聽in the battles this Sunday. For my friends in Mexico tune in this Sunday at 8:00 pm. Thank you for supporting my sister.

Con todo Cris!!!
Con todo Cris!

Love, – B

17 thoughts on “Day 32 Post Transplant

  1. Happy to see your smile again. I miss your presence and your charming personality. Sending you lots of love, hugs, and strength.


  2. Querida Bety,
    Desde Tabasco te mandamos todo nuestro amor y toda nuestra buena vibra! Eres admirable!
    Pedro, Mariana, Patricio y Maria


  3. Dear Bea, So good to hear from you and see your pretty face! Hang in there. You can do this. Hugs to you and David. Love, Och and Sue


  4. Dear Betty, you have been always the greatest in everything you do. These battles against cancer are not the exception. You are winning and also in the process you are showing to all of us how to face real big difficulties with courage, faith, hope, will, determination and positive attitude. Your full recovery and absolute health will be your prize for all your efforts, patience and determination. We will keep praying God for you to achieve all your goals. Thank you very much for this wonderful Blog that is a handbook of how to face big problems, never give up, and become a Life Champion.


  5. Querida Betty! eres admirable!!!! Tu fortaleza permite que todo se vaya superando. Estas siempre en nuestras oraciones y seguro todo ira mejor d铆a a d铆a.
    Que bendici贸n que empiezas a mejorar, este es el inicio de una completa recuperaci贸n.
    Te queremos mucho.


  6. Bety eres incre铆blemente fuerte, te admiro y te mand贸 todas las bendiciones, me
    Da gusto que te hayan dado el d铆a libre y te dese贸 que tengas muchos d铆as como hoy en lo que falta de este proceso que estoy segura encontrar谩s la salud.
    Un abrazote


  7. Betty – a煤n sin pelo eres una belleza. Es tu Espiritu – tan Bella, tranquila, valiente. Te mando Amor y abrazos y espero mas noticias de ti Cuando puedas. 馃檪


  8. YAY! – You are getting stronger and seem to have “turned the corner.” I am continuing to pray for you all, and I am so glad for this blog. Thank you for using your first day off to update it for us. Also, I just have to say how excited I am about your sister. We LOVE The Voice! Go Cris! I noticed the back of Yuri’s t-shirt, did you? Philippians 4:13 – claim it! You’re going to make it.
    Blessings, Carol Kuhn


  9. So good to see your beautiful face, and let’s not underestimate the importance of keeping those eyebrows! Love you, sweet, amazingly brave girl. Love to Dave as well, what a wonderful man.


  10. Really glad that you are doing good. You are a fighter and you will get out of this phase soon. Stay strong Beatriz


  11. You’re doing great, Bea! Progress is being made. So glad you got to get outside for awhile. We pray for your continued well being and healing! Best of luck to Christy! Please let us know how everything goes for her. Love and hugs, Mary Lee


  12. Dear B, it was my pleasure to be able to spend time with you! You are a remarkable and brave young lady that I am proud to call my friend! I love you!


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