70 Days – Grateful

Today is my day 70 post bone marrow transplant.

On day 60 I was discharged from the transplant unit and instead of going to the hospital daily or every other day,  I go only once a week now. My oncologist says that I am doing well and everything looks according to the plan.

I am taking many different medicines to keep my immune system healthy. Each day I feel much better and stronger, I even started jogging and walking again. I can’t wait to start running again soon.

My hair is starting to grow.
My hair is starting to grow.

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, an opportunity to give thanks, spend time with family, and remember what is really important in life: love and gratitude.

Therefore, I would like to thank my loving husband, my mother and father-in-law, and Marsha who took the time and spent countless hours in the hospital and at home taking care of me. I will be always grateful for your support, patience, and love.

Also I am very grateful and fortunate to have incredible parents and sisters. Caro saved my life and now we share an even more special sister bond. I love you sister 🙂  My parents have been fundamental in creating an entire network of prayers, good energy, and positive attitude. This group of family and friends has kept me strong and positive. I am very grateful for their support and love; believe me, it does make a difference!!

With B we Beat It!, Tagline of the video campaign Cris organized.  Thank you!
With B we Beat It!, Tagline of the video campaign Cris organized.  Thank you!

A couple of weeks ago I received a beautiful care package from my sister Cris. It was a beautiful surprise that included books, a movie, and a video with the campaign “With B, we Beat it!” a series of uplifting, fun, and great messages from family, friends, and others that sent encouraging words to me. Thank you very much to all that participated. A special thanks to my cousin Nane and my friend Monica who helped Cris and Daniel to collect the videos. Thank you Nayelli for the logo and design. Thank you Cris for producing the video that lifted my spirit when I needed it the most.
Today I am particularly grateful for the gift of friendship and love.

Happy Thanksgiving / Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias!!!

And remember to give thanks 🙂



22 thoughts on “70 Days – Grateful

  1. Betty: Con mucho cariño te digo que eres un ejemplo de fuerza, perseverancia y amor. Son asombrosas tus palabras y claro que hay que agradecer por todo lo que la vida nos presenta y yo hoy le agradezco a ti por compartirnos esta experiencia.


  2. Bety no sabes que gusto me da leer éstas notas y que vas de acuerdo a lo esperado eres una mujer como lo he dicho siempre; fuerte y con una gran actitud de lucha, cuando hablo contigo me inspiras a seguir adelante y me convenzo que la fé y la oración mueven montañas. Verás que saldrás exitosa de ésta batalla!!
    Agradezco todo el apoyo a Dave que ha sido un pilar fuerte y amoroso y a Kathy y Terry por su cariño y paciencia, así como a Marsha que han estado cerca y cuidándote, y aunque estemos lejos siempre estas en nuestra mente y corazón. Te quiero mucho!!!!


  3. Your positive attitude and perseverance has served you well. In this time of Thangsgiving we are grateful to have you in our family. Many blessing to you, dear one!!!


  4. Querida Betty! Que bendición que cada vez todo va mejor, que el proceso va como debe ser y que pronto podrás estar al 100, Admiramos tanto tu ejemplo y fortaleza, estas siempre en nuestros pensamientos y pedimos que pronto todo quede atrás. te vez hermosa. Que bueno que reíste con el video, Muchos saludos a Dave, un gran abrazo te queremos mucho.
    Que pasen un Feliz día de Acción de Gracias. 🙂


    • Muchas gracias Adriana y Gerardo por el apoyo y tambien oor mantener a los abuelitos al tanto. Los quiero mucho. Feliz dia de accion de gracias!


  5. I am Thankful this day that I know you. You have touched the lives of so many as you have gone through this journey. Your strength is amazing and so admirable! Blessings to you and your entire family Bea! We truly have much to be Thankful for as we head into this Holiday season. Hugs to you ~ Suzanne


  6. Gracias a ti Bety porque tu fuerza, tu actitud, tu amor por todo, toda tu,a mi me da fuerzas, me inspira, me motiva gracias gracias gracias por existir. Te quiero.


  7. Bea, this is such wonderful news! You are an amazing young woman who we all admire greatly! Enjoy this wonderful time of year, especially Thanksgiving. We are so blessed. Love and hugs, Mary Lee


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