A Wonderful Surprise from Australia

My friend Jess and I in New York, 2007

My dear friend Jess who lives in Australia called me today urging me to check my email since she had news to share. I opened my email and what a wonderful surprise I received….. The site Frockaholics – amazing resource for fashion-organized a contest to celebrate the International Women’s Day. Jess entered the contest that consited in writing about stories of inspiring women. Jess wrote about me. The great news is that the story was selected. The prize is two beautiful Camilla lace up shirts one for Jess and one for me!  

Thank you Jess, I can’t wait to see you in May!!!!!. And thank you Frockaholics for this honor, I hope my story and journey beating cancer inspire other women around the world to stay positive despite difficult times.

P.S. A new pair of shoes, a cool bag and a new dress are always a great reminder on how beautiful and fabulous we are.

8 thoughts on “A Wonderful Surprise from Australia

  1. Mi querida Bety
    Qué bueno que recibas premios simplemente por ser como eres!! Gracias por tu ejemplo y tu entusiasmo por todo!
    Ya hacen falta mas recetas! Las que he probado salen ricas!
    Un beso con mucho cariño,


    • Gracias mi querida Ceci por tu mensaje!.
      Hoy voy a preparar una receta muy buena de lomo con naranja, romero y tomillo
      Muchos abrazos,


  2. It is a very fitting recognition of your indomitable spirit! Happy international women’s day mi querida Betty. I look forward to giving you your shirt in May! Besos, jess


  3. How awesome! I totally agree with Frockaholics. I can think of no woman more inspiring than you!
    And what a great friend you have in Jess.
    Enjoy your new fashion!

    Love, Susan


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