Flower Power

Through my mother-in-law I learned about the Children’s Art Project, an initiative from the University of Texas MD Anderson  Cencer Center to portray artwork of young patients and artists in diverse merchandise. Thank you Kathy for the beautiful “Flower Power” scarf. Certainly, flowers have the power of healing and bringing colors to life. To Connie, Anne, Katie & Emily thank you very much for the beautiful flowers you sent. Flowers make me smile.

The National Cherry Blossom festival in DC starts in March 20. The three pictures below depict some of the famous cherry blossom trees (with no flowers yet). I took those pictures last week on a beautiful walk in DC.

Last Monday I had my fifth chemo, almost 50% done!!. This time the administration of the chemo was easier since now I have a port (I feel like the bionic woman haha).
Based on my last week scan results, my body is responding to the medicines and the lymph nodes have shrunk considerably. I am more tired though. So far, so good!!.

Thank you for your words of encouragement, but most importantly thank you for your prayers.

Let’s enjoy the flower power in Spring!!!

5 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Hola Bea – Las flores son bellas y tu tambien! I would love to see the scarf at some point too. I’m sure it’s beautiful and so meaningful. So great to hear that you’re almost 1/2 way there with your chemo treatments and the port is going well. BTW, you are the bionic woman! You don’t let anything stop you from getting out there and running with me on Saturdays. Only today you ended up doing an 8 mile run, training with the marithoners, while us 1/2 marathoners did a 6 mile run. You almost made it back before me too. Go Betty! You are amazing and continue to be my inspiration.


  2. Betty querida, me dà gusto saber que ya vas a la mitad del tratamiento, asì como las
    flores florecen en primavera tu salud igual, seguimos pidiendole a Dios por tu salud
    y continùa con esa actitud positiva que te caracteriza. Todos te mandan un fuerte abrazo
    y adelante!!! Tìa Malù


  3. 1/2 completed! Yeah!
    I love the power of flowers – and the uplift that Springtime brings.
    Your attitude is so very contagious. Thank you!
    With love and prayers ~ Suzanne


  4. The pictures are beautiful, Beatriz! How nice to see all the buds on the trees, waiting to bloom in a matter of weeks. Believe it or not, I just saw a cherry blossom tree in the Towson that was already in full bloom. I think that these crazy swings in the weather from cold to warm and back to cold again have it confused! 🙂

    Anyway, glad to hear the scan went well and that you are responding to the meds. Soon, we will celebrating the completion of the your chemo!!


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