Flower Power

Through my mother-in-law I learned about the Children’s Art Project, an initiative from the University of Texas MD Anderson  Cencer Center to portray artwork of young patients and artists in diverse merchandise. Thank you Kathy for the beautiful “Flower Power” scarf. Certainly, flowers have the power of healing and bringing colors to life. To Connie, Anne, Katie & Emily thank you very much for the beautiful flowers you sent. Flowers make me smile.

The National Cherry Blossom festival in DC starts in March 20. The three pictures below depict some of the famous cherry blossom trees (with no flowers yet). I took those pictures last week on a beautiful walk in DC.

Last Monday I had my fifth chemo, almost 50% done!!. This time the administration of the chemo was easier since now I have a port (I feel like the bionic woman haha).
Based on my last week scan results, my body is responding to the medicines and the lymph nodes have shrunk considerably. I am more tired though. So far, so good!!.

Thank you for your words of encouragement, but most importantly thank you for your prayers.

Let’s enjoy the flower power in Spring!!!