Great News!

Each three months I have a PET scan and a series of studies as a follow up post-transplant.
I just want to share with you a quick note and great news. I got the call from my doctor today confirming my scans from last week show NED (No Evidence of Disease), this means there are no signs of lymphoma = remission.
I feel happy, grateful, and blessed!

A rose from our garden!
A rose from our garden!

12 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Bety el día de hoy soy la mama mas feliz del mundo al escuchar la gran noticia!! Le doy gracias a Dios y a todas las personas que han estado con nosotros apoyándonos en todo momento! La fe es capaz de mover montañas!! Dale también un gran abrazo con todo cariño a Dave y todos mis mejores deseos hoy y siempre!! Los quiero 😘


  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Bea! So happy for you and David. Looks like the transplant is working, and I wish you a cancer-free future. God is good!
    Carol Kuhn in Georgia

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