365 Days of Life

Sunset.  Foto Credit: Dave
Photo Credit: Dave

Today is a special and emotional day.  A year ago, on September 16 of 2014, I was in the hospital with Dave and my parents patiently waiting for the harvested bone marrow cells my brave sister Caro donated on a pure act of unconditional and endless love to save my life.  I am forever grateful to Caro, Dave, my parents, sister Cris, my in-laws, Marsha, brother-in-law Rafa, my friends, colleagues, and extended family for their prayers and support.

The fact that today I was able to run more than three miles at my fastest pace on record is a result of a joint effort and countless hours of care from my family and the talented team at Johns Hopkins.

Thank you to the love of my life, Dave, for serving as the Caregiver-in-Chief who made sure I had everything I needed to get back on my feet.  You are my inspiration, my everything.  I love you!

Thank you so much Marsha for sharing your expertise as a nurse to take care of me during the tough first period of post-transplant.  I am incredibly thankful to my mother-in-law, Kathy, who dedicated over two months to take care of me and helped us with multiple chores at home, you have served to remind me that love and family matter the most.  Thank you to my father-in-law, Terry, for his support, patience, and humor during extremely challenging times.  Thank you to Dr. Kanakry, Laura, Dr. Bolanos-Meade, Viki, Laura, and Lynne.

Thank you to all my friends and colleagues who shared their love and encouragement in multiple creative and thoughtful ways.

Although this year hasn’t been easy, I am thankful for the gift of life and the opportunity of having a future free of disease. I am certain God has a plan and a mission for me (God, this is just a reminder that I am here, I am listening, I am ready, show me the way….)

Today I celebrate life!

Thank you for reading

17 thoughts on “365 Days of Life

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching this special and amazing anniversary! Thank you for sharing it with us. We have all been reminded of the gift and preciousness of life, and it has been a privilege to be allowed to share in your very personal journey. The committed love of Dave and the selflessness of your extended family is an inspiration. You truly know how blessed you are! I too thank God for this success, give Him all the glory, and agree that He will bring a greater good out of this and use you in a special way.
    Wishing you much happiness and continued health and blessings,
    Carol Kuhn (Greensboro, GA)

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  2. Celebramos la vida contigo¡ Eres muy especial para Dios y seguirá a tu lado siempre ! Gracias por tu ejemplo, te mandamos un gran abrazo con todo nuestro cariño! Cecilia y Felix

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  3. Bea, I don’t usually post but this was so heartfelt, I choked up. You are an amazing woman and you and Dave are a tremendous team. From what I witnessed a year ago, you have made a tremendous transformation. God speed to the end of this ordeal……you and Dave are on your way. Love you both!! Kathy

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  4. Happy One Year Anniversary Bea!
    I continue to be awed and inspired by you!
    You are an amazing example of how important it is to live in a state of gratitude.
    I am going with a group to visit Kathy tomorrow and I will hug her even harder. You are all blessed to have one another.
    Much love,
    Susan B

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  5. Beautiful words written by a beautiful soul…congratulations on reaching this important & wonderful milestone! I hope it brings you peace of mind & leads you to all the new adventures & paths meant for your amazing life. Much love & encouragement my friend, XO;)

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  6. Feliz cumpleaño mi querida Bea! Me encanta leerte tan bien, qué bendición! Que sigan las bendiciones!
    Qué gusto ver que uno de tus dres. Fue El Dr. Bolaños es amigo de mis esposo desde chicos y es un buenazo!!

    Te mando un abrazote!

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