Each Day

Several of my friends recommended reading You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay. The book has been a great discovery and it has helped me through this journey. Louise Hay is a strong woman who has gone through unimaginable challenges. Mrs. Hay is also a cancer survivor who has assisted thousands for people in discovering self-healing and personal growth.

Her inspiring words have changed the way I see life in general; I feel better about myself more, I do not sweat the little things, I say “thank you” more often, I laugh more frequently, I give more, and love life each day more.

Also I have learned that keeping a positive attitude and repeating encouraging phrases helps to go through any challenging situation. Each time I receive chemotherapy I think about how the medicines are working and healing me. I know that If I avoid negative feelings such as sadness or fear I will be ok. Our minds can do wonders. Here is one of those encouraging phrases

From Louise Hay