Each Day

Several of my friends recommended reading You Can Heal your Life by Louise Hay. The book has been a great discovery and it has helped me through this journey. Louise Hay is a strong woman who has gone through unimaginable challenges. Mrs. Hay is also a cancer survivor who has assisted thousands for people in discovering self-healing and personal growth.

Her inspiring words have changed the way I see life in general; I feel better about myself more, I do not sweat the little things, I say “thank you” more often, I laugh more frequently, I give more, and love life each day more.

Also I have learned that keeping a positive attitude and repeating encouraging phrases helps to go through any challenging situation. Each time I receive chemotherapy I think about how the medicines are working and healing me. I know that If I avoid negative feelings such as sadness or fear I will be ok. Our minds can do wonders. Here is one of those encouraging phrases

From Louise Hay

6 thoughts on “Each Day

  1. Bea you continue to amaze me with your positives!!!!
    Thank you for your inspirations and strength.
    Love and mucho Hugs to you and David!


  2. Bea,
    Your post today reminded me of one of the phrases I have carried in my wallet for almost 10 years. “We are presented with great opportunities disguised as insurmountable problems.”.
    I have found this a great comfort at various times in my life.
    You inspire and amaze me!
    Thank you for your transparency.



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